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Can Roleplaying Games Create Good Stories?

Today I’m launching my first Kickstarter campaign ( to help produce a film called The Devil Walks in Salem. I’m blogging about this because I want to discuss how this project fits in to a […]

Jul, 23 · in Filmmaking

Peter's Gen Con

Gen Con: through Peter's Eyes

My first Gen Con was in 1992. I knew it would be awesome, and it was. Come journey with me to my world of Gen Con.

So, stay tuned over the coming months and let me share with you my upcoming trip to Indianapolis for Gen Con Indy --- The Best Four Days in Gaming!

Blog Entry 2, Wizards of the Coast, Equity Distributions: Part 1

Rick Marshall’s blog does a great job describing the early years of Wizards of the Coast; he does such a good job that it took me a couple of weeks to figure out how I […]

May, 26

About About Episode 4, Segment 8: “Mummy Fearest”

Deep in the catacombs, the party approaches the sarcophagus marked with Symbols of Set, only to find themselves set upon by the sarcophagus’s occupant: an animated mummy, buried with a noteworthy amount of magical treasure, […]

Nov, 26

Gen Con: Behind the Screen

Secrets and convention stories revealed!! Peter Adkison’s media company, Hostile Work Environment, is launching a new web series – ‘Gen Con: Behind the Screen’. How exciting! I go to Gen Con! I game! I watch […]

Jun, 13

My Love Affair With Gen Con

I first heard of Gen Con in the late 1970’s through the pages of Dragon Magazine.  As an avid fan of Dungeons & Dragons and old Avalon Hill-style board games, it was so exciting to […]

Nov, 26



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