Peter Adkison Presents…

Can Roleplaying Games Create Good Stories?

Today I’m launching my first Kickstarter campaign ( to help produce a film called The Devil Walks in Salem. I’m blogging about this because I want to discuss how this project fits in to a […]

Jul, 23

December 18, 2012 – Film School, Day 109: Graduation Day!

This past Saturday was our graduation ceremony at Seattle Film Institute and marked the passage of an important leg of my new filmmaking journey. Graduating with me were several fellow students who I’ve grown close […]

Dec, 18

December 14, 2012 – Film School, Day 108.

ONE MORE DAY! Today’s class was screenwriting. Today was our last class for our screenwriting course and we spent most of the day reading our feature-length scripts that we’ve been working on all year. Not […]

Dec, 14

December 12, 2012 – Film School, Day 107.

2 DAYS TO GO! Today’s class was Tools of Production and was our last session for this subject. Instead of a normal class where we all start and end the same time we instead were […]

Dec, 12

December 11, 2012 – Film School, Day 106.

3 CLASS DAYS TO GO! Today’s class was History of Film. Our focus today was showing off the trailers we created of movies that don’t exist and critiquing each other’s work. I thought about posting […]

Dec, 11

December 10, 2012 – Film School, Day 105.

4 CLASS DAYS TO GO! I graduate film school on Dec 15th! Today’s class was our final session of Post-Production and Non-Fiction Filmmaking. Film school will be over in one week and we are nearing […]

Dec, 10

December 4, 2012 – Film School, Day 104.

Today’s class was Tools of Production, and Steven Bradford showed us an excellent documentary called, “The Camera that Changed the World” (by Mandy Chang, 2011). Before the 1960’s it was very difficult to capture documentary style footage, […]

Dec, 04