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Blog Entry 3, Wizards of the Coast, Equity Distributions: Part 2

Like most startups, Wizards of the Coast was severely cash-strapped in the early years, from the founding of the company in May 1990 up until Magic: The Gathering started generating significant cash flow in late […]

Jun, 24

Blog Entry 2, Wizards of the Coast, Equity Distributions: Part 1

Rick Marshall’s blog does a great job describing the early years of Wizards of the Coast; he does such a good job that it took me a couple of weeks to figure out how I […]

May, 26

Blog Entry 1: Preamble

Before riffing off Rick’s blog,, I’d like to share my version of the preamble: that is, the story of my life that relates to the WotC story, but predates the formal founding of the […]

Mar, 27

About My Wizards of the Coast Blog

In 1990 I started Wizards of the Coast with my then-wife and several close friends. We were gamers, fresh out of school, with no experience in business. But we had a big passion for games, […]

Mar, 15