Peter Adkison Presents…

Gen Con: Behind the Screen

Secrets and convention stories revealed!! Peter Adkison’s media company, Hostile Work Environment, is launching a new web series – ‘Gen Con: Behind the Screen’. How exciting! I go to Gen Con! I game! I watch […]

Jun, 13

Writing a Feature Film

I’m going to start a writing blog on what it takes to get an indie feature film created. Not because I have answers all lined up to share with you. I don’t have every detail […]

Jun, 03

Jen Page’s Tour of the Gen Con Offices

What would you do if you were given the opportunity to visit the Gen Con business offices and have a look around? As a gamer, I rolled to see how poised and professional I could […]

Apr, 11

Adventures with The First Paladin, Part 2

There I was, in a beautiful moonlit garden. A silken gown draped my form as I sat beside an eloquent bard. That bard was Alyce, whom I soon discovered I had fallen in love with among […]

Feb, 08

My adventures on The First Paladin

When Peter asked me if I would like to be a guest NPC in his D&D game, I think I typed and sent the words “OHMYGODYES!” before my brain registered that I had answered. Upon […]

Feb, 05

Welcome to my blog

Who am I? I am genre actress, Jen Page. Peter Adkison calls me his favorite starlet and I’m not going to dispute it because I’ve seen the paperwork. People know me from my sorceress/rogue role […]

Feb, 05