Peter Adkison Presents…

Gen Con: Behind the Screen

Secrets and convention stories revealed!! Peter Adkison’s media company, Hostile Work Environment, is launching a new web series – ‘Gen Con: Behind the Screen’.

How exciting!

I go to Gen Con!

I game!

I watch web series!

So what is this series about?

Affectionately, Gen Con: BS is a warped look inside the world of organizing, maintaining and manhandling the people who run the biggest gaming convention known to the planet. Gen Con has decided to cross the line of business and personal privacy to give the gaming viewer a sense of just how many bizarre rituals it takes to make 41,000+ convention attendees have the best con of their lives.

Prepare to be baffled by brand identity, civil rule, and lack of good fashion sense. And right when you are completely overrun with details of special relationships with inanimate objects, we’ll go on stage to talk about industry trends, highlights and gossip with game professionals.  Larry Roznai, President of Mayfair Games, is a fine example of such a guest. And as far as I know, he made it out alive.

Who are the Gen Con web series players?

Peter AdkisonOwner of Gen Con, LLC. If Peter could be described in one word, it would be mischievous. Scientists tell us that in our formative teen years, a part of the brain switches on that encourages us to take risks. Later on in life, the brain switches to Safe Mode. Peter’s brain never did that. Just this weekend on set, I pulled him away from sticking his foil cards into a light socket. Yes, he caused that power outage. He’s the lovable heart of the show and that heart beats pure for gaming. Honestly, I’ve learned that if Peter isn’t gaming he must be sleeping.


Adrian SwartoutReigning CEO and also owner of Gen Con, LLC, Adrian is really tough to write about. Seriously, she is one tough woman. I once saw her lift the entire convention with one arm. And she didn’t even spill her drink. Her grace is unparalleled. If you could imagine a wild gazelle modified with high-powered, target-tracking grenade launchers you would comprehend Adrian a little better. Actually, throw in a few more chain guns. There. Now you have it.


Scott ElliottVP Sales & Marketing at Gen Con LLC. Scott is so smooth I’ve already told you 6 things about him and you didn’t even notice. That swanky feeling you now have? Thank Scott for it. He’s the ambient mood lighting that makes us all a little bit hipper than we have the right to be. His swank can probably only be matched by his keen sense of the psyche and his inappropriate knack for brand invasion. Thank god he mostly works for Good.

 Jen PageHmm, that’s me. You may ask yourself how I roll into all this. Oh trust, there has been many a time when I have been laughing, reading through the series’ script and I look around wide-eyed to wonder what is going on. I’m just a gamer. I’m just a girl. How on Earth did I ever get so lucky to trade laughs and work time with these talented people? I’m an actress. Therefore, I am inherently delusional. Delusional enough to think I could jokingly rename a convention, one that I love with all my heart, and someone else would think it was good fun.

 I have quickly learned that Gen Con isn’t just a convention or a company. It really is a family; crazy-sick family with delirious humor and a soul of gold. I am so fortunate that they let me wander in and stay a while.

I’m really looking forward to sharing this web series with you. I hope you check it out and catch a glimpse of the rare sort of absurdity it takes to pull off the marvelous.

Check out the series teaser here, where you will see all the crazy in motion. :)

Gen Con: Behind the Screen Teaser


  1. Gordon Duke
    June 14, 2013

    Awesome 1st episode

  2. Peter
    July 2, 2013

    Thank you, Jen, for this wonderful post. Looks like you know all our secrets and aren’t afraid to kiss and tell!

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