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My Love Affair With Gen Con

I first heard of Gen Con in the late 1970’s through the pages of Dragon Magazine.  As an avid fan of Dungeons & Dragons and old Avalon Hill-style board games, it was so exciting to hear about an event where thousands of gamers would come together and play the types of games one rarely encountered in rural Idaho.  I dreamed of attending Gen Con someday and I fell in love with the convention a decade before I actually made it there.

My first Gen Con was in 1992.  I knew it would be awesome, and it was.  I was the CEO of Wizards of the Coast, having started that company two years earlier.  We had just launched our first products, The Primal Order and 3rd Edition Talislanta; Magic: The Gathering was still in development.  We drove from Seattle to Milwaukee in a van and a rental truck—my first time at Gen Con was as an exhibitor!  I had no idea that years later I’d end up owning the convention.

Since 1992 I’ve never missed a Gen Con.  Whether I was there as an exhibitor, or a fan, or as the owner it didn’t matter, during all this time Gen Con is the time I look forward to the most throughout the year.  When I acquired the show in 2002 my good friend, John Zinser of AEG, came up to me the day it was announced, shook my hand, and with a big grin said, simply, “The best four days in gaming.”  That summed it up so well that it immediately became the company tagline and we’ve never had the slightest temptation to change it.

Indeed, if somehow you love games but you haven’t heard of Gen Con, it’s time to wake up and smell the high-impact plastic that d20’s are made of.  Whether you’re a roleplayer, a cardflipper, a board game master strategist, or simply someone who loves to immerse yourself in geek culture, Gen Con is the place to be.  It’s the gathering of the tribe.

There’s a fabulous Gen Con website of course, with all the information you could possibly need or want, plus all the must-haves like badge and event registration.  I strongly advise you to go there and check it out as what I have here is not intended to be an official Gen Con website.  What I want to do here is show you parts of Gen Con the way I see it.  It’s like “Peter’s picks” or “check this out!”

Also, now that I’m a filmmaker I feel the urge to create video content you might enjoy, and this seems the right place to post that.

So, stay tuned over the coming months and let me share with you my upcoming trip to Indianapolis for Gen Con Indy — The Best Four Days in Gaming!

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